More than 40 years of history

The first campsite created at Sant Pere Pescador was La Gaviota in 1963. Forty years ago the camping sector was practically unknown in our country and bit by bit some business pioneers created a tourism industry that has not stopped growing and which today represents 0.4% of Catalunya’s GDP. It’s worth noting that 50% of all overnight stays in campsites are in the Costa Brava.

At the end of the Sixties and start of the Seventies, the rest of the ACSPP campsites came into being: Las Dunas (1968),Aquarius (1971), Las Palmeras (1973) i La Ballena Alegre(1976).

Initially, the camping service offered was restricted to basic sanitary facilities, a small bar and reception. The Eighties saw the introduction of a more recreational offering with the creation of swimming pools, children’s playparks, sports courts and pitches and activity teams for young and old. The Nineties were a time of modernisation, with an enlargening of camping plots, an improving and widening of services and, at the end of the decade, the first bungalows and mobile homes were installed. Nowadays, the campsites have Wi-Fi available for clients and offer a wide variety of services. Really, the ACSPP campsites rival the offerings of 4-star hotels.