The ACSPP campsites: pioneers in environmental conservation

One of the key factors in the success of the ACSPP campings is that they have managed to develop their activities while protecting the environment that surrounds them, aware that a protected environment was the guarantee of the success of their businesses.

The associated campsites satisfy environmental regulations and some of them use the EMAScertificate and the ISO 14001. In the protection of the environment they have been pioneers in the introduction of protective measures, and frequently they have adopted the latest legislation. Among the measures they have applied are:

  • Selective rubbish collection, separating glass, plastic containers and organic material.
  • Energy efficiency studies.
  • Solar installations to save energy.
  • Containers to recycle batteries.
  • Measures to save water, flow restrictors and atomisers.
  • General information for users on the regulations on the responsible consumption of water and energy.
  • Use of low-energy consumption lightbulbs.
  • Use of biodegradeable plastic bags and making available to customers fabric bags so that they can shop at the supermarket.
  • Treatment of waste water by a biological system, with permission from the Catalan Water Agency (Agència Catalana de l’Aigua (ACA)).
  • Re-use of rainwater for the irrigation of gardens and plants.
  • Information for clients on the indigineous flora and fauna.